Awara Hoon documented by a Nobel prize winning author

COURTESY : Amla Mazumdar

Amla Majumdar
Daughter of Shailendraji


In 1970 the Nobel prize for Literature was awarded to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn for his book titled Gulag Archepelago. I read Gulag and soon began reading other novels by Solzhenitsyn. Cancer Ward by Solzhenitsyn grabbed my attention for a seemingly nondescript reason…In it was a mention of Raj Kapoor’s Awara and Shailendra ji’s song Awara hoon. For me this was an incredible find…We had all heard of the popularity of Awara Hoon having crossed the Indian boundaries, and it being translated in other Russian and Chines languages, but to have it documented by a Nobel prize winning author was another high!
I give below the excerpt from the book and the link of the song as well.

Page from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Cancer Ward

Link of the song :



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