English interpretation of Bhaiya Mere Rakhi Ke Bandhan Ko Nibhaanaa

by : Swaminathan Narayan

Epic ….. historical song … written with so much affection for the auspicious day of Raksha bandhan ….

Wah Sir Shailendraji wah ….

bhaiyaa mere, raakhi ke badhan ko nibhaanaa
bhaiyaa mere, chhoti bahan ko na bhulaanaa
dekho ye naataa nibhaanaa, nibhaanaa
bhaiyaa mere

Oh my brother dearest,
The holy tradition of Rakhi follow,ever,
Oh my brother as nearest,
Forget your little sister never,
This pure relation of love ,accede, to your best…..
My brother dearest….

ye din ye tyohaar khushi kaa, paavan jaise nir nadi kaa
bhaai ke ujale maathe pe, bahan lagaae magal tikaa
jhume ye saavan suhaanaa, suhaanaa
bhaiyaa mere

This day is the festival of happiness,
As pure as the waters of the rivers,
On your radiant forehead my brother, I bless,
The red tikaa which as your protector serves….
The monsoon today is also dancing to the opus….
My brother dearest….

baandh ke hamane resham dori, tum se vo ummid hai jodi
naazuk hai jo daant ke jaise, par jivan bhar jaae na todi
jaane ye saaraa zamaanaa, zamaanaa
bhaiyaa mere

By tying this silk thread on your wrist,
I have forged my hopes with you,
Though it seems delicate at first,
But for life time it is un-breakable as new….
The whole world knows this best….
My brother dearest…..

shaayad vo saavan bhi aae, jo bahanaa kaa rang na laae
bahan paraae desh basi ho, agar vo tum tak pahunch na paae
yaad kaa dipak jalaanaa, jalaanaa
bhaiyaa mere

Maybe even such a monsoon may occur,
That may not the pure scent of the sister get,
The sister may be very far from succour,
That she may not be able to be present ,yet,
You burn the lamp of remembrance with fervour…
My brother dearest …..

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